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Polar Bay Wines has been serving the Waterdown area since 1997, and is Waterdown’s award-winning winemaking warehouse. We are locally owned and operated with strong ties to the community. We invite you to try the premium wines we offer.

  • Polar Bay Wines - Limited Time Releases

    Limited Time Releases


    Just in time for happy hour.

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  • Polar Bay Wines - Signature Series



    The true definition of the best of the best.

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  • Polar Bay Wines - Estate Series



    Insist on the finest.

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  • Polar Bay Wines - Original Series



    From Italy to Australia, delicious adventure awaits.

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  • Polar Bay Wines - On The House Series

    On The House


    This one's a family favourite.

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  • Polar Bay Wines - Niagara Mist

    Niagara Mist


    Surround yourself with exotic fruit flavours.

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**Taxes are included. Personalized labels, bottles are extra. Must be 19 years of age or older.

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Polar Bay Wines stands behinds it's products. Contact us today for more questions about your winemaking process.